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funny video no jutsu (NARWHAL BATTLE NO JUTSU)

Wednesday, 8 May, 2013

Clip from Naruto the Abridged Comedy Spoof Movie by LittleKuriboh.

Naruto likes puching in the moonlight and in daylight

Thursday, 28 March, 2013

Naruto abridged Songs

Wednesday, 27 March, 2013

[mp3j track=”naruto The Spoof Series – Training Ninjas@″ volslider=”y” style=”outline”]

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You can get the song Here


Naruto abridged

Wednesday, 27 March, 2013

New abridged series incoming 🙂 Naruto is the new one. i will post episode 4 first you will see why this one has a  guest David bowie 😛